It takes public speaking out of first place as my worst fear and puts death back where it belongs.

Miles SumterActorVancouver, BC

She teaches people to be leaders in their own lives.

Ted DansonActor - Emmy Award Winner "Cheers"

To try to describe it would be to not do it justice. The process takes you towards who you were really meant to be, it stays with you through every moment of your day. Take the risk you are worth it!

Mike DennettManaging DirectorM.C.R. Property Management LtdLondon, England

The Max is like an epiphany. It can’t be articulated. It can only be experienced. The results are amazing.

July OnoPresidentOTBEC Group - www.otbec.com

The MAX is not a destination, it is the beginning of a journey to authenticity.

GeoffJourneying Scientist

I did the workshop with Paula in 1982 and I’m still getting value from it today. Through life’s many challenges, it’s my own authenticity that gives me power to risk and that allows me to make my unique contributions. Either I run my fear or it’s going to run me. Thanks, Paula.

Sharon MasonInternational Award Winning RealtorVancouver, BC

A course that puts one at the centre of their own creativity…allows one to come fact to face with where one stops, and to find a way into a new creative place… The principles Paula taught me still serve me today.  I received an Academy Award nomination and I really believe I owe a lot of it to Paula.

Bruce DavisonActor - Academy Award Nominee "Long Time Companion"

One of the most terrifying things was also the thing I craved most –  to be seen, truly seen. The atmosphere created in the MAX provided me with the courage and vulnerability to reveal myself. That fantastically crazy journey broke me open to the best and most difficult parts of me. I no longer remain hidden.

Lisa LangevinMassage Therapist, EMT, ImproviserPortsmouth, NH

The MAX provided a place where I could skip so far out of my familiar, comfortable ways of being that I could experience what it is like on the other side of my limits, reaching the edge I’ve always been afraid of stepping over.

Dina StansburyRetired Children's Librarian

The MAX is the most dynamic workshop I’ve been involved in. The whole weekend was an incredible experience in which I was able to clearly see the blocks to my personal progress. Since taking the MAX I’ve been more focused had more energy and experienced a lot more joy in life.

Al MasonMortgage BrokerVancouver, BC

The MAX was the joyful awakening of my voice as a means of creative expression. I heard my voice clearly and powerfully for the first time and discovered people were eager to listen

Nicole StrafaciArtist/Performer/Poet

The most dynamic turning point in my life happened back in the 80’s at Esalen when I looked at the bulletin board and the flyer simply said “If you have the guts, we have the workshop!”. Lou Porter at the time informed me that we would easily be up late. I said, NO WAY, I’ll fall asleep by midnight! Well not only was I awake the whole time, I was at the edge of my seat, FULLY awake. I was awakening from a deep sleep, psychosis, neurosis I had been in due to emotional trauma (loss of loved ones).

Paula, who can “read” someone like no one I had never met, reawakened my soul, my spirit, and my love for living fully alive. As a result I went on to create Quantum Leaps Retreats in Golden BC where I integrate the methodology I learnt in the MAX in my teachings of Breathwork, Fire Walking, Sweat Lodges etc.

I love Paula and her WAY!

Brian OlynekFounder of Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats & Lover of Mother EarthGolden, British Columbia

When I first took The MAX I was a 23 year old girl exploring what it meant to be out in the world beyond schooling.  I was fighting my own demons about entering the job force, living in a big city (NY), my mother (and best friend) having cancer and much more.  When I read back over my old notes I am constantly reminded that I am alive and strong and that I am who I am!  I lost my mother about 3 months after taking The MAX, I collapsed.  My world had come crashing down and I did not get off the couch for about 6 months…until I got an email from Matt telling me to get my butt back out to Esalen for The MAX.  Being back in that room gave me the strength to pick up the pieces of my life…Thank you for your work, love, support and constant reminder that I am me and I am the only one that has the power to choose my destiny.  I am forever grateful for being a part of this group of incredible beings.

Vivian SteinFarmer TeacherPlainfield Vermont